Monday, August 29, 2011

Yoga and visitors

Carpet snake down from the roof

Yesterday I was just hanging out the washing while waiting for Helen (my yoga friend) to come and do a yoga practice with me, when I caught sight of movement in a shrub next to the house. This is what/who it was!! A young-ish carpet snake, happily curled up on top of some outside lights ...  I showed it to Helen - and we agreed that (speaking generally) we don't worry about snakes with patterns on them like this. It's the ones that are all one colour - brown or black specifically - that you need to be wary of!

We both practiced to the Mark Darby Ashtanga DVD ... I did some poses that I'm not supposed to be doing again yet (naughty!) Like mariA and B (but the easy version of B). And then Supta konasana ... and even shoulderstand. I was careful (very careful) about not doing anything bad to my knee, but it seemed fine! Some other poses - eg. Janu Sirsasana C and Triang Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana (which name I had to copy and paste from a website - too long to remember!!) Anyway, some poses I look at and think - it may be a whole year before my knee can cope with that again!! But still, little by little it is coming back, and I am taking the opportunity to concentrate on other areas of my practice, so it's all good.   ( I suppose !!)

This weekend Maharaji is speaking at a 2-day event at Amaroo - it's 2 years since I last saw him! I am so looking forward to it. I've got people coming to stay for it too. My Mum is coming out of hospital on the Monday and I'm going down to look after her for a week. She could have come out on Friday, but I had to ask her to put it off till the Monday so I could see Maharaji ... Luckily she understands how important it is for me ... :)

And then when I get back from my Mum's it'll only be 3 weeks till I head off to Bali for Dena's workshop!


Kevin said...

You only worry about single colour snakes! Thankfully not something we worry about up here, though the Mouse that ran across Kino's mat in London made her jump!

Glad to hear your knee is improving. Hope your Mum is OK.

Bali yay, gonna be fab, so you getting some weeny Kino shorts like V?

susiegb said...

Weeny Kino shorts?!?!?!!! Not in a million years! They may be OK on 'weeny' people like Kino (and probably V) but that word in no way describes me! I don't wear shorts of any kind for yoga! I have this kind of incredulous grin on my face while typing - almost ready to burst into hysterical laughter at the very thought!!! (( huge smile ))

Kevin said...

Well it's making me laugh, V is definitely the right size for eeny weeny Kino shorts.

Nate Sistern said...

I know that snake. I had him in my hands eighteen years ago when the labs collapsed but it escaped. He knows too much. I couldn't bring myself to do what I should have. Nor could Jachmoe. Please deal with it in our absence.

susiegb said...

I loved that message Nate! Thank you for updating me on the snake. Unfortunately I haven't seen him since your message - perhaps he knew!


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