Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Restricted Practice Sequence

For those yoga-tragics among us who are interested in minutiae, this is a list of the poses I'm allowed to do at this point in my recovery from a knee meniscus tear.

Both Sun Salutes, although I have been instructed to use blocks in the 2nd one, getting into and out of the Virabhadrasana section.
Then Padangusthasana and Pada Hastasana
Not Parivrriti Trikonasana
Utthiti Parsvakonasana
but NOT the Parivritti one
Then Prasaritta Padottonasana (just the 1st and 4th variation)
Utthiti Hasta Padangustasana - but only holding the wall with one hand and my knee with the other (!)
Not Ardha Baddha Padma Uttanasana
though I can do that tree pose (again holding onto the wall)
Not Viradbhadasana A or B
And then to seated:
(Note: Not allowed to do any attempts at jump-backs or anything yet - so the vinyasa I am doing between poses/sides is Navasana for 4 breaths, which does keep the heart rate/heat up!)
Purvottasana (although only the 'table-top' version)
Not Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana
Not Trianga Mukaikapada Paschimottanasana
Just been given Janu Sirsasana A again - yippee!
But not Janu Sirsasana B or C
Not Marichyasana A or B
Marichyasana C
And forget Marichyasana D!
Ignore everything else to
Baddha Konasana
Upavista Konasana
Not Supta Konasana
Supta Padangustasana - somewhat modified. I have been told to keep my outstretched leg bent (right angles) when it's to the side
That's it. I usually do those seated poses twice, and then go onto Finishing, but no inversions at all at the moment, except a 'preparation for headstand - dolphin' pose.


Globie said...

Just have to be patient, knees seem to take an age to repair themselves. Mari A is a strange one not to do, the knee doesnt have to do anything. Typical that whatever injury we have, Navasana is never taken off the list!

Get well soon, Bali is coming

susiegb said...

Actually I have been doing Mari A when I'm not at the shala!! I think he'll let me do it officially soon - have just got the Virabadhrasanas back!


Ana said...

Hey susie,

I will also be at the Shala Mysore, and I have a meniscus tear. I been looking allover for testimonials of practitioners with the same problem as me.So far no luck. I will be there two months after my Operation, and looking forward to go through a process of healing it there. Do you know if sharath allows people with injuries to skip Asanas?
I practice over two year skipping Mari B.


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