Monday, January 19, 2009

New Yoga Mat

I got a new yoga mat at class on the weekend. It's a really nice thick, heavy-duty one - apparently comes from Germany. My yoga teacher said these are the best quality, and he's been using the same one for over 3 years! My previous eco-mat, that I was so proud of - got visiting friends from the UK to bring out for me - didn't last at all. It shedded bits all over the place, but the main problem was that it got really slippery where you feet wear away the surface.

Anyway - always nice to practice on a new mat, especially when I'd been reduced to using a very worn-out and thin one I'd got for travelling years ago ... :)

Went to a work-friend's birthday party on Sunday, and met up with some people who used to work with us last year (or before), It was fun sitting out in the backyard, drinking wine and talking to people.

Miss new pussy-cat is settling in nicely - which means she's getting wilder and wilder! I now think her name is Jess, or Jessie! That seems to be sticking better than anything else I've tried!!

And next weekend, which is a long weekend here in Oz (Australia Day), I'm going to Byron Bay to stay with a friend. Should be great! It's been a year since I've been there (and seen my friend) so we'll have lots to talk about etc!



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