Friday, January 09, 2009

New Pussycat Photos

Here are some photos of my new Abyssinian kitten, Jaffa - at least I think that's her name! Not completely sure yet ...

Jaffa in the chinese bowl
(In the chinese bowl - my heart was in my mouth, but she seems to have given up on that now!)

My new favourite toy
(Manic playing with a toy!)

Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth
(Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth ... Oh really ?!?!!)

She is very cute although also very playful and skittish, racing round the house like it's a racing circuit!! The place is strewn with things she's grabbed to play with!! And she wakes me up at about 4am every morning wanting to pounce all over me!!!

This morning at breakfast - it was so funny, I wished I had the camera with me. She'd somehow managed to get inside one of my (rolled up) yoga mats and her head was peaking out the end, looking like a wild cat!!



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