Thursday, November 06, 2008

What a day!

At work yesterday in Australia we were all glued to updates on the web, including the CNN live feed. When CNN called the election for Obama - at about 2pm, it was just so exhiliarating! It just seems like finally (well, after a few years) America is coming back to the world family. People here, in Europe, the UK, Africa are all so excited and thrilled! And Obama even said something about that towards the end of his acceptance speech ... :) I got text messages from my sister in London yesteday evening (their morning) to share her excitement.

A friend of mine told me how when she was a very young child her parents called her in to watch someone on the TV, saying this is really, really important. It was Martin Luther King speaking. I feel like this was one of those moments in history too ... one of those times we'll be able to say where we were when we heard the news.


Tiff said...

It is pretty exciting here right now :-)

Ronni Gordon said...

Yes it's been eight long years. Let's hope he'll be able to get something done! It sure was a thrill that he won. It seemed likely, but still, I was worried up to the moment that it was called.

Susan C said...

It's thrilling to know that the entire world is excited about Obama's victory. And it's great to have a president we can finally be proud of.


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