Thursday, October 23, 2008

How people find this blog

It's really interesting - ever since I put the 'feedjit' widget onto this blog that shows where/how people have come to visit the blog, I've seen people arriving on a particular post I made nearly 3 years ago when I was in India - Butterfruit Milkshake (aka Avocado) - Yum. Anytime I look at the blog, there's almost always one or two visitors who've come to that page via a Google search for the word 'butterfruit'.

It's so strange - who'd have thought people would be searching for that and ending up on a blogpost I made 3 years ago about a wonderful milkshake!! I bet they're pretty surprised when they do get here <grin>


Ronni Gordon said...

I wonder how people find my blog, too. Your live feed is fascinating. I've looked at it a few times. I might put one on mine someday, but I'm not quite ready.

I wrote this on your other blog, but I'm not sure how often you check it, so I copied and pasted:

Sorry I kept you in suspense on my update. I kind of wanted to play with writing it how I experienced it. Also, since the final bmb results aren't in, I felt a little strange starting out with a good news announcement. Hope to do that soon! I think I'll leave this on your yoga blog too because I don't know how often you check this. Hey is it summer yet?

susiegb said...


That's OK - I look at the other one too, though at the moment not so often. I do understand what you were trying to do with the update - and it worked! But it went on for so long ... I was cross-eyed in suspense!!

And summer - well, officially that doesn't start till December. It's been quite cool these past few days, but temps are creeping up again now. 26degC today and supposed to get into the low 30s nest week. (Thank goodness I got aircon last year when I was facing the prospect of being at home recovering after chemo for a few months of Aussie summer, instead of being in an airconditioned office!)


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