Saturday, May 31, 2008

yoga - it's getting better!

Had a really good time at yoga this afternoon. Maybe because yesterday we started the Friday lunchtime yoga at work again - that probably helped! But anyway, I'm slowly putting poses back in as my yoga practice recovers. today I added in garba pindasana. I did try and put that back in a couple of weeks ago, but I got a really strong pain in my right hip halfway through the 'rocking and rolling' (!), so stopped. Today it was fine.

And yoga at work on Friday was good. It was the first time I'd managed to organise it since I'd been back. Quite a few people had said they'd be doing it, and then they all started to drop out! I was worried it was just going to be me and a new temp! But we ended up with 5 people ... ! We usually put on an (old) video - a Level 1 yoga class run by Louise (something) from Byron Bay. The others follow the video, and I just do my normal practice off to the side! We can't get the room for the next 2-3 weeks - it's exam time at uni and they will be using the room for exams. But after that we should be able to have it for the next few months.

Apart from that, today I did some more on my mosaic piece. I finished the tiles round the edge, and started filling in gaps. Tomorrow I'm going to the movies with Ross - I guess we'll either see Indiana Jones or 21. Well, that's my choice anyway ... We shall see what he thinks :)



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