Monday, May 05, 2008

Flowers, books and yoga

I got into work on Thursday after spending the morning in a workshop on another campus, to find these flowers on my desk! I couldn't believe it - honestly I'm not the sort of person who gets flowers delivered, particularly at work! And OK, yes they're from my aunt and uncle in the UK, not some romantic interest (what's that?!) but I was quite overwhelmed, and somewhat embarrassed too! I share an office with 2 young guys, and - well, I don't like too much attention on me !! But they're gorgeous, and look great at home as you can see!

So, it's been a long weekend here - May Day etc. I've had a great time. On Saturday I went to Avid Books (wonderful bookshop in Brisbane) and 'spent' a book token someone had given me for my birthday. Such a great present! I got a really great Donna Hay recipe book (I've been wanting to get some new ones for ages), and also an impulse buy of Rupert Everett's autobiography! A long time ago I worked in theatre wardrobe at the Royal Shakespeare Company in London, and Rupert worked with us as a (very naughty!) dresser for a while in those days! Before his ignominious departure as described in the book. Without asking anyone (and he'd never have been allowed to) he 'borrowed' the lead actor's costume to go to a party and somehow the costume got left there! You can imagine the horror when it was discovered missing before the next performance!!!

Anyway, after that I rushed off to half an hour of choir practice, before carrying on to yoga class. Very busy there, with only one teacher this time. But just practicing in that sort of atmosphere really seems to lift my practice.

Then yesterday I went out with a friend to see this film 'Miss Pettigrew takes a Day'. Set in London just before the start of WW2. Very light but amusing! I think my mother would like it - she was living and working in London at that time. Met my Dad towards the end of the war ... :)

Today I've just been gardening and doing stuff around the house ... generally having a nice lazy day!


Angela Cox said...

That is a truly wonderful book though .Rupert's life is like reading a magic realist novel .

susiegb said...

Oh yes, I'm definitely enjoying it ... Good bedtime reading. I remember him from those days with a lot of affection!


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