Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A new look

Decided to use a different Blogger template. I rather like it - nice and clean! One of these days I'll get myself together and do my own template, but in the meantime ...

I was off work last week - had to have minor surgery done last Monday, and although it was minor (ovarian cysts - benign) the anaesthetic was more than I'd bargained for! I ended up having to stay in hospital overnight as I couldn't keep anything down. But apart from that, I didn't feel any pain and very little discomfort. Does take it out of you though! I was pretty tired, and although I've gone back to work this week I'm leaving early and taking it easy.

Of course no yoga. I read the leaflet about keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) and it said 'no strong exercise for 4 weeks' - yikes! I think I'll start trying a modified practice next week, which will be 2 weeks. okrgr - a doctor from the Ashtanga noticeboard, gave me some suggestions on what to do and what not to do, and I'll follow that ... thanks :)

Still holding the magic from Maharaji's event. I feel so lucky.

And in 3 weeks time I'm flying across to the other side of Australia to meet up with my sister and hubbie from London, plus my Mum, and indulge in a spot of wine-tasting (more than a spot!!), wild flower admiring and maybe even whale-watching!! Might be a bit late for the whale-watching, not sure! But whatever, it should be great fun - haven't been to Western Australia at all really - just passed through Perth a couple of times.


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