Tuesday, October 31, 2006

chaturanga - I need to take it carefully!

I've started a tentative yoga practice again - just at lunchtime at work at the moment, but will go back to class soon. I wanted to have the freedom to just do a few poses and not feel pushed (or caught up in the class energy) and do too much too soon.

And actually, last night and today I've been feeling it a bit. I had been reading this discussion on chaturanga on the Ashtanga discussion board and realised I've been doing it wrong all this time. My hands have been definitely under my shoulders, not further down my body. So was trying to do it more correctly, and of course it makes for a much deeper 'up-dog' section of the pose, which in turn stretches your abdomen more. So I think that's why I was feeling a few twinges and aches on the side of the missing ovary last night! I'll have to back off a bit on that pose for a while longer.

Perth trip is getting very close - in fact this time next week I'll be in the air! I'm not going to be blogging from there (well, it's only for 5 days, and I'm not even posting once a week, so ... :) ) but I will be taking lots of photos, so prepare to see some of them when I get back!

And rehearsals for The Messiah have started again - last night was the 2nd week of them. Performance is at the end of November in St Johns Cathedral in Brisbane. I do love singing this so much - but I've got a lot of work to do on it. I've got very rusty on a lot of what I did know, and there's still a few choruses that I've never got on top of - eg the Amen chorus! ! I'm going to take my iPod loaded up with the Alto part of the choruses with me, plus a photocopy of the music. I'll have to hope I don't start singing out loud on the plane while listening to it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susie,I tried to email you back from my blog, but it was rejected. I wanted to say that’s interesting what you said about balance. I am always trying to get the balance on the inside of my foot. I will try the other way. Also, my present teacher says not to rely on drishti, but rather to rely on connection to the ground. That makes sense and it has helped. So has pretending I can do it.


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