Sunday, September 25, 2005

In another world ... :)

Last day at work (for a while) was Wednesday. On Thursday I came straight to Amaroo and started organising the Internet Centre for the event with Maharaji next week. Took some colourful pictures from the walls to brighten the place up, and it's looking good. (Well, as good as an old demountable building can!!) Wendi and Jack have been staying with me for a few days, now Wendy and David and Vic have arrived too! A full house - lovely!

3 days later (Sunday) we had a staff training, and opened for business at midday. Already there have been quite a few people through - straight off the bus/plane from overseas and into the internet (!)

Vic went to the introductory event in Melbourne and ... Maharaji also spoke at Parliament House in Canberra (!!!!) - part of the United Nations anniversary celebrations. Somehow Vic got to be invited to this (he always gets to these things, don't know how!) He was just in awe about how beautiful and powerful M was ... just a couple more days and we'll all be sitting in front of him ... :)

I did manage to get to yoga yesterday afternoon. Probably the last class I'll get to before I get on the plane in 10 or so days' time (after which I'll be showing up at Hamish Hendry's shala in London for a few days). So I was determined to go.

I got a lift down to the front gate with some guys in a ute - and believe it or not as I got in and closed the door, I shut it on my hand! I just couldn't believe it - stop!! stop!! My hand's shut in the door!!! Luckily it didn't hurt too much - somewhat unbelievably. A Brazilian American guy gave me an ice pack to put on my hand and I drove into yoga with it balanced precariously on my hand. Difficult when you've got a manual car!

I was wondering how it would affect my practice, but down dogs were fine and everything except where I have to balance on my knuckles (because I can't quite get my hand flat to the ground yet). Felt a bit tender there. But this morning, I hardly know i did anything! Thank goodness ...


Rob said...

hello from a person with K in England!

susiegb said...

Hey Rob
Bet you wish you were here ... !
First event tomorrow afternoon - can't wait!!

Rob said...

I know a couple of English Pwks who settled in Australia -Frances T. and Andy H.
I hope you enjoy the event.

susiegb said...

Yes, I know Frances and Ann T, and also Andy! We all live around the same area ... :)

will do!

Wendy said...

Hi Suzie,
Hope you have a wonderful time at Amaroo. Looking forward to seeing you when you get to the UK.
Wendy M


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