Friday, September 09, 2005

coming and going ...

Well, the binding is coming and going (on the right side) and nowhere on the left! But I guess it's all good (as they say!). In class on Monday Richard helped me with supta konasana - gave me a few pointers. I'm still finding it hard to come back over with straight legs, and also avoid that big crash down onto the floor!

While I'm in London I'm intending to go to Hamish Hendry's shala. It's only about 15 minutes on the tube from where I"ll be staying. Must email him next week to check it's OK ...

Went to a rehearsal for the Brisbane River Festival 'Sing for River' concert that I'm singing in (along with about 500 other choristers) on Sunday. We had a great time! We're singing 2 or African songs and I was a bit worried about trying to learn those words, but when there were about 300-400 people all singing, it somehow all worked!! The concert is this Sunday - and we've got to go to a tech rehearsal on Saturday from 5pm to 9pm!!!

And then there's the cricket! That concert is going to seriously interfere with my cricket-watching!! Even though I really want England to win, I can't help but be in awe of Shane Warne's bowling. His private life may be all up shit creek, but he is such an outstanding bowler. Quite possibly the best bowler alive at the moment.



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