Monday, August 08, 2005

Yaayyyy! England won!!!

England won the test match!!!! What an amazing match that was. Only 2 wickets left and 107 (?) runs to get, everyone thought it'd be over in 10 minutes! (Although the ground was completely sold out!)

But it went right down to the nail. In fact, when Australia only had to get 15 runs I had to stop watching - the suspense was too much! So I was watching Doctor Who (which I'd taped) and switching back and forth every couple of minutes. And, of course I ended up missing the winning moment!!!

But such a great match! And people have been mumbling about how boring test matches are and we should stick with one-dayers or even the shorter 20 over ones. Ha!! Well, that's woken everyone up to how wonderful Test matches can be ...

btw - I love cricket, in case you hadn't realised ... :)


Eugene Chen said...

I watched the same game, only that I am Australian.

susiegb said...

Hey Eugene

I'm Australian and English! (Dual nationality) But I do tend to support England in the cricket!


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