Thursday, August 18, 2005

winter hiatus ...

Feel like I've been in a bit of a hiatus (nice word!) for the last couple of weeks, yoga-wise anyway. I've really had to push myself to practice at lunchtimes, and when I've made it to class I've felt pretty lacking in energy. I think it's more mental than anything (oh, cue for a song!) It's silly really - progress is coming in the marichyasanas (though this is coming from someone who can't even bind in 'A', so there's a lot of ground to cover!) ... Anyway ...

Got my head down at work, it's only 5 weeks till I go on holidays, and I'm trying to hang onto the projects that I like! Right now I'm tearing my hair out trying to do a website in CSS - using absolute positioning etc. Why oh why can't Microsoft make Internet Explorer standards-compliant! I can't blame it all on Ms though. This is the first website I've done not in tables (or almost not in tables!- there is a university banner that is in a table but I have to use it as supplied) And trying to work out what doesn't work, and why, has my brain spinning! I fix something and then find that something else has changed as a result ... I do think I'm making progress here though!



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