Thursday, August 06, 2015

a cross-legged turtle(!)

Today at yoga Christian crossed my ankles in Supta Kurmasana ... that's a first! I've only recently started doing that pose again (one of the poses that was taken away from me in the past when I was sick, and somehow never found its way back!!) Still can't clasp my hands, but that will come ... :)

And it's funny - I got my hair coloured yesterday, and he (Christian) commented on it this morning! I laughed - he always notices when I've done that, unlike most men who are completely oblivious! Lucky I do it for my own benefit/enjoyment and not anyone else's ... :)

I've been going to the 10am class, but I'm going to try and go to the 7am class next week. If I got at 10am, it pretty much takes half a day and particularly if I want to go more than a couple of times a week (going to aim for 3!) it just makes it difficult to do other things that I want/need to do ... For a start, I'm going to Bali / UK / Europe in 2 months time and there's so much to organise before I go! I need someone to look after the pussycat/house, and so put an ad on a housesitting website a few days ago. I've now got about 25 responses to sift through!! I guess it's a pretty prime location though! 5 minutes walk to the beach, and half an hour from Byron Bay ... mmm I'd want to do it myself if I wasn't already living here ... did I say how lucky I am?  <grin>

I'm so looking forward to practicing with Dena in Bali. It's funny - I practice at her shala here, but have to go to Bali to get to do classes with her! (Note: I could of course book into one of the month-long intensives she runs here at certain times of the year, but truthfully I cannot see myself getting myself to her shala at 7am every morning for a month!)

OK - back to practicing the Agnus Dei from Faure's Requiem!



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