Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A day of cooking

Went to a sourdough bread-making course today ... Held up in the hills in a pretty little village called Federal (which appears to have a general store and a Japanese restaurant!)

This was just some of the things we baked! Sourdough bread, sourdough hot cross buns, sourdough buns ... Not to mention delicious buttermilk pancakes, and cultured butter (?!!) made either with dairy kefir or butter milk and yoghurt or sour cream. And then eating said pancakes with either the butter with orange jest and maple syrup, or with herbs chopped through. Utterly delicious!!

And we each prepared and kneaded the dough for a sourdough loaf and brought it away with us, as well as some sourdough starter! A truly great day ... :)

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