Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The big move is done!

Can't. believe it - just managed to delete a whole post I'd written ... Sigh!! My MacBook Pro has pretty much given up the ghost so I've been doing this from the IPad, and there are a few drawbacks with the keyboard. Why isn't there a key to move up or down the text you've written? Sometimes the cursor just won't move to a new location where you're tapping the screen ... another sigh!! Hopefully it's better using the Blogpress app!

Oh well, here we go again!

So, yes the big move has happened! After a few very stressful and exhausting days of packing and moving, I am now sitting in my new place looking out at a wonderful view over green hills to the sea at Kirra Beach in the distance (only about 10 mins drive away). Photos below ...

God I've just done it again - at least I've only lost a paragraph or two this time!

So, for the 3rd time ... ( !)

My plan is to have a quiet week, just relaxing and exploring the local area. For those who haven't been following the saga on Facebook, it proved to be virtually impossible to rent a place in the area I'm going to buy in, that would allow pets. But then fortune smiled and out of the blue I found a flat in Tweed Heads in a lovely house owned by a friend. And Miss Squiggle is welcome! So here we are ... It's about 30 minutes drive north of where I'm going to buy (and probably a 60 minute drive to Dena's shala, but I can manage that once a week or so until I find a place to buy ...

My yoga mat is down in the living room, and I'm hoping to make it to the Shala one day this week ... I shall report back later. But I think I really must stop now before I end up losing all this post again ...

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Globie said...

I've lost a few posts through technical issues, so now I always write my blogs in the "Notes" App on my iPad, then just copy and paste.

Glad you are moved and great that puss can be with you.


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