Sunday, August 04, 2013

Bali workshop booked!

Yeay - I gathered my courage and booked my flight to Bali for Dena's workshop in October! I still don't know what shape my practice will be in by then - don't even know if I'll be able to do normal sun salutes but really hope I will have got over most of the shoulder problems by then!

It's funny - I was so scared to commit, but now that I have I'm really looking forward to it - duh!! I realised/was reminded that you can't live your life worrying about things that might or might not happen ... just have to step forward and 'carpe diem' ... it's the only one we've got!!

Off to Melbourne next week for the Blackboard conference (LMS software I am involved with at work). Will be catching up with some Melbourne friends while I'm down there which should be nice - also hoping to do a bit of shopping on the day before the conference <grin>.


Zlatyem said...

Hope you enjoy Bali! Glad you decided to 'just do it' :)
I won't be at Bb conference, but Bergita Shannon will be presenting a topic about the project I'm running in the Law faculty about Blended Learning.
Be well x

susiegb said...

Yes I will! I know Bergita, but can't figure out who you are!! :)

Globie said...

Well done Susie, pleased you are going to Bali with Dena.


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