Thursday, February 21, 2013

Health issues - sigh!

Health issues have gotten on top of me over the past few weeks. It will all work out/be OK but I do feel like my life is a bit on hold at the moment!

Basically I'd decided at the beginning of the year that I just had to do something about the awful cough I've had for over 6 months. My haematologist arranged for CT scans to be done and referred me for a 2nd opinion to another chest specialist. This revealed that a lot of my coughing issue was not what the other specialist had thought (bronchiectasis, though I do have that), but a fungal lung infection! Which the (lovely) new specialist assured me was fixable! So I was really encouraged by that. Went off to have a bronchoscopy - so they could - a) work out what type of fungal infection, and b) clean out a lot of the 'stuff' in my lungs.

Then, somehow I'd thought I'd have the results in a week and could start treatment ... but when I rang after a week to enquire was told it would take 4-6 weeks to get results on the type of infection! This did not go down well, but I'm over that now, and hanging out for the appointment I have in 2 weeks ...

And again a month or so ago, I decided I had to do something about a couple of potential skin cancers on my arms, and following appointments I am having them taken off next week.

It all seems ridiculous but I have had at least one doctor's appointment every week for the past x number of weeks, and that continues for at least the next 3 weeks ... !!! I know it doesn't sound like that much when I write it down, but it really does feel like it's taking over my life, making health (or lack of it) the complete focus of everything! I hate it. I hate being sick! I hate not having lots of energy! (Whinge, whinge whinge!! Old Australian tradition!!)

And it's really played havoc with my yoga practice. I haven't been back to the shala this year! I just don't feel strong enough. And I cough so much (and so disgustingly!) in downdog it's pretty embarrassing! I am only managing to do 2-3 practices a week - most of them short 30-40 minutes at lunchtime. And then after I've had the skin cancers cut out next week, from memory you're not supposed to do any exercise for at least 2 weeks!! I can only hope that by the time that 2 weeks is over I will be on something to start killing off the lung infection. I have been told that it's a long process getting rid of fungal lung infections - so I want to start it as soon as possible!!

Anyway - I'm carrying on and mostly not getting too despondent! This too shall pass ... :)


Ronni Gordon said...

I've had both of those things. As you said, this too shall pass. Mine did but I know it's a bummer going through it.

Globie said...

Hi Susie,

You are really going through it, hope it all starts to improve soon. I can sympathise with the never ending medical appointment schedule.

Getting back on the mat will help, I've just started that again and feel so much better even than I can't do much.

Get well soon
The winging poms

susiegb said...

Thanks for the sympathy and advice ... :) I'm off to do my shortened yoga practice at lunchtime today. And only a couple more weeks till I see the specialist again and hopefully get started on treatment for the coughing!

roselil said...

Wish you all the best and get well soon. We have never met, but I have followed your blog for years and think you are the most brave wonderful woman around.

susiegb said...

Thank you so much Roselil, but really I assure you I am just an ordinary person. I remember people telling me how brave I was when I first got lymphoma, and all I could think was "I" wasn't consciously being anything. Any strength that I had was just there/just appeared. I think it's probably the same for everyone faced with something 'out of the ordinary'! ... :)


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