Monday, July 11, 2011

Yoga class again :)

Went back to class on Saturday afternoon - after 5½ weeks without yoga. It was so nice to be back ... :) Teachers didn't want to know about the Matthew Sweeney sequence - they have their own sequence (called the Laghu Krama sequence) they like their students to follow when coming back from injury, or absence from yoga practice of more than 3 or so weeks. We tweaked it a bit to take account of my knee, but really it is very similar to the Sweeney knee sequence (although shorter). So the plan is I'll follow this for the next week, and then he'll start adding poses back in, bit by bit over the next 6-8 weeks.

R kept a very close eye on my practice, and kept coming to give suggestions/advice. Although no adjustments at all, which seems pretty right!

This week I'm going to follow this sequence in my lunchtime practices (or as much as I can get through), and probably add in the couple of strengthening 'exercises' I've been doing - triceps dips and plank, plus a tiptoe one that my osteopath recommended.

There are many conflicting things going on in my life over September/October with dates still to be confirmed, so I'm still unsure whether I will get to Dena's Bali workshop at the beginning of October (much as I want to). I may not know dates for the other things for another month, but by that time I should have a better idea of how my knee is progressing, which should in turn help me to decide whether I should go (if it's still a possibility). I really want to go if I can. I know I can go next year if I don't make it this year, but I am really hoping to get to meet a couple of fellow Ashtangi bloggers who are going this year. Kind of out of my hands at the moment though ...


Bibi said...

Wohoo, back to yoga, that's great! Be careful so you don't overdo it though - I can imagine it would be easy to get a bit eager to get quickly back on track again.

Fingers crossed for you being able to come to Bali! I wrote Dena and she said I could add another week if I turned out to be able to attend both later, so now I can just relax and see what happens at least - though I really hope I can do both weeks now... Anyway, hope to see you there, knee in order and all!

Kevin said...

Glad you are back on the mat, take it easy.

Go to Bali, if I wasn't going to Mysore I would be there, even if your knee is still not totally recovered practising with Dena can only be good for it.


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