Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Consequences and pussycat bravery

One unexpected and unwanted consequence of my holiday was that I caught a cold, which promptly went to my chest and has left me 11 days later still coughing and sniffling (to put it mildly!) Unfortunately I've been told to expect this sort of thing at least until my immunoglobulin levels rise higher in a few months' time. (see latest post on my lymphoma blog for more details if you're interested!)

And one extremely annoying consequence of this is that once again I don't feel I can do any yoga at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to go to class on Saturday afternoon, but I'll just have wait and see!

Sweet pussycat (whose name has now changed to Jedda - from this film about an Aboriginal girl made in the '50s and considered shocking at the time to White Australian society!!) is still going mad, waking me up at 4am wanting to play, etc etc. On the weekend she was introduced to more people and even a little dog! I was working on the 2009 issue of the foame poetry ezine (due out on 1st March - St David's Day) and the editor/owner brought her dog on the Sunday. I was so impressed with Jedda - of course she hid in the bedroom at first, but within 30 minutes she had come down to the living room to investigate this strange creature, and I think the dog ended up being more scared of her than vice versa!!


Susan C said...

Susie, I'm glad to read on your other post that you're on the right antibiotics and getting better. Hope you're back to yoga soon.

I was hoping this post would include a recent photo of Jedda.

I took a quick peek at the emag. The photos of Antarctica are magnificent.


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