Monday, September 15, 2008

I probably shouldn't have but ...

... I just really wanted to go to my yoga class on Saturday - I'd missed the previous week's class because of being in Sydney. I had woken up that morning feeling good (this virus seems to mostly affect me in the evening/night) so I decided to go.

But I did/do have some sort of flu/viral thing happening! So I decided I'd talk to the teachers, take it really carefully and slowly etc, cut down on sun salutes etc etc. But I was only onto my 2nd surya namaskara B when I got a nosebleed! It wasn't very bad but I still didn't like it at all! I've only had a nosebleed once before and that was when I was in hospital last year. That time it was because of low platelets ... but I don't really think that's the reason this time. I don't have any bruises or anything, and I had heaps then. I guess it's because of blowing my poor nose, and dry air and stuff. I hope so anyway!

Anyway, that brought me up short! Richard suggested I don't do any standing poses, and just do seated ones as they're less 'dynamic'. So, that's what I did ... Which was good - there's plenty for me to work on there, even without doing any real strenuous or inverted poses. I was partly trying not to bring my head down (to avoid possible further nose bleeds) so it was a bit odd ... :)

Of course the next morning I woke up really tired and stuff, so I took advantage of it being the weekend, and stayed in bed till late. At work today a couple of people who've had this were telling me that they'd feel fine one day, and then completely exhausted the next ... Went on for a couple of weeks - great! This is my second week - let's hope it's the last!!


Ronni Gordon said...

I forgot that it's winter there. Dry air can definitely cause nosebleeds. I would wonder about low platelets too (in the hospital I had dramatic nosebleeds), but it's a nice sign of health and distance that you immediately realized the "real" cause. Just did some yoga in my room. Did not mean to, but I fell asleep during shivassana, which as you see I cannot spell!


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