Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back from WA

Long since time I should have been posting ... Seems like ever since I got back from the Western Australia trip the heat here has been going up and up and up ... 39 degrees yesterday - that's Centigrade!! And it's not even officially summer here yet!! Difficult to find energy to do anything in that heat. But anyway, it has cooled down a lot today, so here I am!

Had such a great time in Western Australia - here's a few photos.

Tingle tree trunk

Beach view

Perth trip

It was so green and lush - I had no idea that anywhere in the west would be like that! After all, it's mostly desert!! But where we went (the south-western corner) it was rolling hills, very long grass and very contented cattle munching away!! Not to mention all the vineyards!

Of course, as I was sharing a room, I didn't get to do any yoga. But I'm back now - was incredibly stiff the 2nd time I practiced. My hamstrings felt like they'd shortened by about 30cm!! But they are returning to their previous length now - strength is very much down though! But that'll build up again I know.


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