Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New yoga mat

I'm excited - I've just ordered a new Eco-mat from yogamatters.com in the UK. I haven't found anywhere in Australia that sells them, and now some English friends are coming to stay next month and they are going to bring it over for me - yeayy!

The census collecting is going ... and going and going!!! In the delivery phase, 2-3 weeks ago, I came down with some awful virus and ended up being off work for a week! Can't remember ever being sick off work for that long before! And it was right in the middle of the delivery phase - such bad timing! I had to creep out and deliver maybe 10 forms a day! That was all the walking I could manage!!! However, I'm better now, though I do still have a rotten cough that must be very annoying for the people I work with ...

Didn't do any yoga for that week, so I was pretty stiff when I started again. But things are moving again ...

And preparations are going a-pace for the September event with Maharaji. It doesn't seem real yet!


judy said...

susie I knew your blog was about yoga journeys, not physical ones. Otherwise we would all be hearing about the upcoming western australia. And if the reactions I get over here in England are anything like the ones you are getting, then we are really going to terra incognita. Even the australians in London react as if there be dragons. judyx


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