Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And so the year begins ...

Getting back into the swing of things at work - and I'm doing a new CSS Positioning course at LVS, which is great. I do feel like my CSS knowledge is increasing and I'm understanding it all a lot more (not just copying and pasting code without being sure why it's used!)

Have been to yoga class about 3 times - great. I do need that discipline! But also someone else at my work is wanting to do yoga at lunchtimes so that should continue this year - hoorray. Going well - except for the arm balance one. I seem to be scared of falling and now can hardly get one foot off the floor, let alone 2!!

I'm also in the process of getting set up at home with ADSL and wireless. Well, I can't afford to do it all at once so got the Apple Airport Express first. That let's you connect to the internet wirelessly, and also (wonder of wonders) let's you stream your iTunes music collection to your home stereo. So it can play through those speakers. What I didn't realise was that you can only connect wirelessly via ADSL/DSL/cable. Don't know if this has always been the case, or just now that cable is becoming the dominant way of connecting.

And I still need to work out quite how to connect to my stereo's amplifier! I've plugged it in somewhere, but no music is coming through! Hopefully I'll get my head around it soon!!

On my computer (not my stereo yet!!): Malcolm McLaren's Fans - Lauretta



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