Tuesday, September 30, 2008

downdog was a biig mistake!

Did some yoga at lunchtime today - and even though I only did 3 sun salutes (at which point I realised I should stop doing downdog!) I ended up having to leave work early because I started coughing a couple of hours later and just couldn't stop! In fact I drove out and only got 200-300 metres down the road when I had to pull into the side and sit and cough for about 15 minutes! When will this end I ask myself - and anyone around me!

People at work who had it said the coughing lasted at least a week after the sinusitis went. I'm sure it's been that long for me ... grrrrr!@#!*!!

I feel better for having vented - now I can go back to soldiering on and being brave!! :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Still coughing myself sick, but ...

I'm trying to soldier on (grin) and not concentrate too much on feeling sorry for myself! I did go back to the doctors today - she thinks my coughing attacks at night are related to the sinusitus which hasn't completely gone away. She gave me a prescription for Prednisone (oh no, I hate that stuff!) to take at night just for a couple of nights, which she feels may stop the irritation etc ... Whether I'll be able to sleep at all taking that stuff I forgot to ask! Maybe if I don't fall asleep I won't be waking up with those coughing fits and that's how it works! Kidding, but ... :)

Anyway, what she said all made perfect sense so the little niggles in the back of my mind have been put to rest again.

So - what else? I've spent the weekend tidying up the house for an impending visit by my Aunt (England) and cousin (Mozambique). They're arriving in Brisbane on Friday and I'm having them for the weekend. I sometimes need something like this to stir me up to clean/tidy the house! Specially when I've been sick for so long ... The last time I saw my cousin Caroline was when Angela and I did a sort of farewell tour of England and Scotland before moving back (me) / emigrating (Angela) to Australia - 1988! 20 years ago this year ... In one way it seems just like yesterday, but in another, another lifetime!!

My yoga practice (and any exercise) fell into a big hole over the past few weeks. I finally did a short yoga practice at lunchtime last Friday, and hope to continue doing that at least 2-3 lunchtimes this week. But I don't think I can go back to a class for another couple of weeks. Apart from the continuing sinus problems (which affect any standing forward bend poses), I normally go on a Saturday. And I can't go for the next couple of Saturdays because of visitors this Saturday, and then the big choir concert the following one.

I'm also thinking of starting back at Curves (gym) after work today - we shall see what I feel like at the end of the day.

Went to have brunch with some friends yesterday, up their almost '4wheel drive car only' track! Luckily they'd had it graded recently and it wasn't too bad. We had a lovely time, sitting and talking on their front deck. They used to have a lot of chooks, ducks and goats, plus a horse. But since they got rid of all that livestock, they seem to have wallabies almost as pets! I saw a couple lying around behind their house ... :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I feel better now!

No, I've still got the cold/flu/virus/whatever ... but I went to see the doctor at Uni today. And as soon as I walked in the door she said - you've got sinusitis haven't you! She could tell just by looking at me. Well, I had been feeling blocked up and swollen around my eyes ... Anyway, she checked me over, confirmed that the nosebleed was definitely a result of whatever it is that I've got, and nothing 'sinister'!

So I came away with a prescription for antibiotics and instructions to get cold/flu tablets, nasal spray, eucalyptus oil for inhalations and I don't know what else! When I got to the chemists I told them I was coming to buy up the shop!!

And - it's probably all in my mind, but I'm sure I'm feeling better already! However, I'm still going to be taking it very carefully. Still don't dare do anything like downward dog (yoga pose) yet!

Before all this I did manage to drag myself to choir practice last night, though I only stayed for the first half. I'll still have to do lots of practice at home to catch up after all the rehearsals I've missed. The concert is next month.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I probably shouldn't have but ...

... I just really wanted to go to my yoga class on Saturday - I'd missed the previous week's class because of being in Sydney. I had woken up that morning feeling good (this virus seems to mostly affect me in the evening/night) so I decided to go.

But I did/do have some sort of flu/viral thing happening! So I decided I'd talk to the teachers, take it really carefully and slowly etc, cut down on sun salutes etc etc. But I was only onto my 2nd surya namaskara B when I got a nosebleed! It wasn't very bad but I still didn't like it at all! I've only had a nosebleed once before and that was when I was in hospital last year. That time it was because of low platelets ... but I don't really think that's the reason this time. I don't have any bruises or anything, and I had heaps then. I guess it's because of blowing my poor nose, and dry air and stuff. I hope so anyway!

Anyway, that brought me up short! Richard suggested I don't do any standing poses, and just do seated ones as they're less 'dynamic'. So, that's what I did ... Which was good - there's plenty for me to work on there, even without doing any real strenuous or inverted poses. I was partly trying not to bring my head down (to avoid possible further nose bleeds) so it was a bit odd ... :)

Of course the next morning I woke up really tired and stuff, so I took advantage of it being the weekend, and stayed in bed till late. At work today a couple of people who've had this were telling me that they'd feel fine one day, and then completely exhausted the next ... Went on for a couple of weeks - great! This is my second week - let's hope it's the last!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trips and colds and ...

Went to Sydney last weekend for Jo and Emma's engagement party. He's off to Oxford University for a year - tomorrow actually, and it was really nice to see them before he goes, as well as be there for the (long-awaited by parents /grandparents of both!) celebration! Put some photos up on Flickr and Facebook ...

Since I got back I've unfortunately succumbed to one of the many colds/viruses that everyone around me had been getting all winter! And I had just started to pat myself on the back for not getting any ... oh well! At least it's giving my immune system a work-out. :)

Couldn't go to choir practice last night, and won't make it to the choir camp this weekend. Well, no voice to speak of, and the drive to where it's being held is just too much for me to contemplate feeling as I do! So far I've made it in to work one day this week, and I guess it depends how I feel tomorrow morning whether I'll make it 2 or not!

No yoga to speak of - everything has taken a hit from this ...

I do just manage to wander out and look at (admire!) my veggie garden beds - seeds are coming up, lettuce is almost ready to pick, as is rocket and spinach. Very satisfying!!


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